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Would you say you slept well?

With an estimated 1.5 million* people in the UK suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), it is likely that at least a few of our patients’ health may be affected by this potentially serious breathing condition, so we wanted to make you aware of how we can help.

OSA is caused by the walls of the throat relaxing and narrowing during sleep, which interrupts a sufferers normal breathing.

If your partner or a family member mentions that you snore loudly, your breathing is noisy or laboured, or that you appear to stop breathing and then gasp or snort, you may be affected by OSA. It will be affecting the quality of your sleep. This is because a lack of oxygen can make your brain wake you or bring you out of a deep sleep so you reopen your airways and breathe normally again.

Without a prompt from someone else, both OSA and habitual snoring can be hard to diagnose.

Where appropriate, we are also able to provide oral appliances, such as the Snore Guard (£316) that may be helpful too.

If you think that OSA or habitual snoring is affecting your overall health, please do speak to us about it. We can assess your symptoms and provide guidance as to the best way to manage your condition.

  • Figures from British Lung Foundation ( OSA UK health economics report. Unless noticed by a partner or family member, it is notoriously hard to self-diagnose, so the figure could actually be significantly higher; around 45% of cases being moderate to severe.