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Charity update: Mr Kamal Kamali is climbing Mont Blanc for Starfish!

Elgin Dental Care has been supporting the Starfish Clinic Project International and Red Tribe works in Olorte, Kenya for many years.†

We are pleased to announce two new strands of support in September 2018: a new donation of £2,500 from the practice to allow investment in specified areas of their work, and a more personal series of mountain climbs by Mr Kamal Kamali.

The latter, is a long term goal coming out of Mr Kamali’s ongoing commitment to making a difference to others.

Around 18 months ago, while trekking, he was inspired to both get fitter and start more serious climbing challenges – and so has been in training ever since. He’s already scaled peaks in the Lake District, Scotland and Wales, but his first ‘bigger’ challenge, to climb Mont Blanc starts when he sets off for Chamonix on Saturday 8th September. Mont Blanc is a 5,000m climb that involves 2 more days of specific training (Monday and Tuesday) followed by 3 days of climbing.

He’ll reach the peak of Mont Blanc on Friday 15th September and is hoping to provide us with updates if possible while he is there.

Mr Kamali’s goal for 2019 is to climb Tanzania’s 6,500m Mount Kilimanjaro. This mountain is particularly apt because it is only approximately 100 miles in a straight line from Olorte – although travelling between the two involves a very very long slow journey!

In 2020 he hopes to climb one of the lesser known Himalayan Mountains in preparation for his ultimate goal – to climb Mount Everest in perhaps three years time!
n.b. This year’s climb is not a fundraising activity, but our aim is to focus on raising sponsorship funds for Starfish through the Kilimanjaro climb next year. Of course, if anyone is inspired to donate to Starfish as a result of this climb, they are very welcome to give their contribution to any of our team who will be pleased to pass it on.

†Elgin Dental Care’s support has ranged from charitable donations to regular trips to teach the clinic’s local nurse in basic dental care and provide more complex treatments.

Both Starfish and Red Tribe are involved in the sustainable transfer of skills and resources to 15 villages in the area. Starfish has provided a mobile ambulance clinic to improve health in the community and Red Tribe is involved in developing education and micro-enterprise initiatives amongst other things. To find out more, please see our charity page or ask at our Reception Desk.