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Elgin Dentalcare's Latest Charitable Donation…

Mr Kamali was in Kenya again last week, on the latest of his annual trips to support the work of Starfish Clinic Project International and Red Tribe.

While there, he was able to see the new motorbike that Elgin Dental Care donated to the clinic through a grant of £2500. This is to assist Florence, the local nurse in reaching the furthest areas of her community. She is able to deliver vaccinations and medical care to people that the Land Rover and tuk-tuk cannot reach so easily. She carries a back pack and paniers to ensure she has the first aid and vaccination supplies she needs.

It is hard to explain the difference that it makes to so many people. In such a remote area, where roads are either difficult to drive on, or non-existent, this method of transport is a literal life-saver. Thank you for continuing to re-book your appointments each time you visit our practice, from which we donate to our fund to support Starfish and Red Tribe.

Please look out for other details from Mr Kamali’s trip and opportunities to support the community through your Christmas shopping, which will follow shortly.

Thank you for your continued support.