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Keeping Kenya smiling!

In October half term this year, a team of ten, headed by Mr Kamali and Mr Barrak visited the remote Olorte region of Kenya that Elgin Dental Care has supported for many years. This was the latest of a series of trips to improve dental care and healthcare amongst a large community of Maasai people. They were able to see the benefits of the long term investment that has been provided.

The team included 3 dentists, a dental nurse therapist and a pharmacist who continued their training of Florence, the local nurse. Mr Kamali and his team also provided dental care to those who attended the clinic in a small hut in a central location. They looked at how to make the most of the limited resources and how to improve preventative dentistry and medicine.

Mr Barrak continued in his research into local health issues, looking at strategies for long term health improvement and speaking with the local chiefs to ensure their engagement with the clinic was maintained at the current high levels.

In addition, Mr Barrakā€™s twin teenage sons built a water tank for the community. Claire Sullivan, who heads up the Red Tribe bead retail initiative in the UK also came to see the micro-enterprise businesses that have helped so many women earn an income for their families. You will be able to buy jewelry that she brought back at Elgin Dental Care this Christmas.