Making a difference

We believe we have a responsibility to give back to the community – whether that community is nearby or far away.

To this end, Elgin Dental Care has supported several great causes over the years in both time and financial assistance. In 2017, we made the decision to concentrate our support on one particular charity:

Starfish Clinic Project International

Elgin Dental Care’s Implant Surgeon, Dr Fadi Barrak, set up a mobile clinic in the remote Olorte region of Kenya around 10 years ago. We have supported this clinic since it was just an idea and early on contributed substantially to the original purchase cost of the vehicle.

SCPI provides low cost treatment, vaccinations, simple medication and health education to around 15,000 Maasai people in villages that previously had no access to healthcare.

Our Principal, Mr Kamali makes regular visits to Olorte where he treats patients and trains Florence, the nurse in dentistry. She’s a very quick learner and we’re delighted to say that in addition to her general nursing, Florence is now able to carry out procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions, removing broken teeth and even simple fillings. She’s very good at promoting the importance of oral health too.

Please don’t forget that at the end of every appointment, if you book a new appointment with a dentist or hygienist we donate £1 to SCPI—and this soon adds up!

SCPI and their local partner RedTribe have transferred skills to the Maasai people and given the whole area a totally holistic, sustainable boost to people’s lives through community-owned healthcare, micro-enterprise, education and infrastructure. We are very proud to be contributing to this improvement.

We post updates on our involvement on this page, so please pop back from time to time to see the latest on what we’re doing.

Latest Charity News

  • Thank you for shopping ethically at Elgin Dental Care

    Thank you so much for supporting Red Tribe. We’re absolutely delighted to report that from November to Christmas jewellery sold at our practice has raised £500!

  • Keeping Kenya smiling!

    In October half term this year, a team of ten, headed by Mr Kamali and Mr Barrak visited the remote Olorte region of Kenya that Elgin Dental Care has supported for many years…

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    Mr Kamali was in Kenya again last week, on the latest of his annual trips to support the work of Starfish Clinic Project International and Red Tribe…

  • Mr. Kamali's done it!

    After a week of training and climbing, Mr Kamali reached the highest point in Europe on Thursday.

  • Charity update: Mr Kamal Kamali is climbing Mont Blanc for Starfish!

    Elgin Dental Care has been supporting the Starfish Clinic Project International and Red Tribe works in Olorte, Kenya for many years.

    We are pleased to announce two new strands of support in September 2018: a new donation of £2,500 from the practice to allow investment in specified areas of their work, and a more personal series of mountain climbs by Mr Kamal Kamali.