Mr Kamal Kamali

Prevention is our focus, and we aim to make your dental health a team effort. We will give you as much information as possible to ensure that your home care routine is effective and we are happy to answer all of your questions about treatment choices.

Our mission is to be recognised in the local community as a dental provider that delivers high standards and up-to-date clinical dentistry, enhanced by offering various specialities within the practice, whilst maintaining an excellent reputation in patient care and clinical governance.

Another significant aim is to practice dentistry which is environmentally friendly and engaging with various charities offering primary dental care and support to third world countries.

We like to have a good understanding with our patients and have drawn up a list of commitments which we make to you. We invite you to reciprocate by making a series of undertakings to us which allow us to give you and all our patients an excellent service.

We will:

  • Prioritise your health and comfort
  • Provide and maintain high standards of professionalism while delivering efficient customer service and dental care
  • Be accessible and approachable
  • Offer clinical excellence to meet your needs
  • Offer specialist treatments in house
  • Maintain high standards in cleanliness, health & safety, decontamination and clinical governance
  • Ensure that our staff are experienced, highly trained, motivated, caring and professional
  • Always uphold the integrity of our work

We ask you to:

  • Provide us with the information we require to treat you effectively
  • Let us know of any changes to your health or medication
  • Follow the oral hygiene advice we give you
  • Advise us of any appointment cancellations with two working days notice
  • Be punctual for your appointments so we can be punctual too
  • Advise us immediately if we do anything that does not meet your expectations